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Are you feeling nervous by knowing the truth

What do we mean when we talk about color recognition among children? Color recognition simply refers to the ability of children to identify and name basic colors. Technically speaking the act of color recognition actually is a set of acts namely: matching colors [url=]Edinson Volquez Jersey[/url] , identifying colors, and naming colors.

Children when matching colors need to identify the color of objects shown as examples. This sounds too easy for us. However, think from a child’s perspective – from the perspective of a kid who age is between 2—5 years – and then the act of matching colors is not such a simple thing to undertake. Matching colors is also the first step towards color recognition.

Children when identifying colors need to recognize an object having a particular color. For example: If you ask your son, “Can you give me the red-colored pencil”? Your child will have correctly identified the color Red when he hands you the red pencil. Identification of colors is termed as the second step towards color recognition.
The final step towards color recognition is the activity of naming colors. Children should be able to name colors when asked. For example: You are holding a book having a brown cover. Ask the question to your child [url=]Matt Moore Jersey[/url] , “Can you tell me the color of the book that I have”? Your child will have completed this final step when he replies, “Blue!”
Let’s come now to mobile applications that work as color-recognition tools. It goes without saying that developers who have understood the essence of the three steps of color recognition end up creating fantastic color-recognition mobile applications.

There are many mobile applications today that have their core-concept as either one of the steps of color-recognition.

Hence, if you are looking for apps containing matching interactivities then you would not be any sort of dilemma because you will certainly come across different applications on numerous play stores.

Similar is the case with mobile applications created on the lines of the second and the third step of color recognition.
However, the golden question as a parent now crops up: Isn’t there any mobile application that acts a complete package through having interactivities for each step of color recognition?

The answer to this question is a positive one since there are many applications that have been developed while keeping in mind all the steps of color recognition. A good example would be an application called ColorApp developed by Chifro Studios.

This android-based application stands out from the crowd simply because it has been created by implementing all three steps in the form of different interactivities. Furthermore [url=]Jon Niese Jersey[/url] , some of the latest technologies in learning like analytical phonics have also been used.

The mobile-application industry is not a stagnant one and therefore the future holds many more applications in store along with many more technologies. However, success would be tasted only by those who have got their basics correct – In other words, apps which have incorporated all three steps of color recognition will meet with success.
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