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As the true effects of rs gold

As the true effects of concussion become ever more clear,... Will Smith wants end to 'insane' denial of concussion... World Rugby defiant after being labelled 'irresponsible' for rs gold... Share this article Share 112 shares FA head of medicine Ian Beasley, who last year warned of a ‘tsunami of litigation’ if football’s authorities do not radically improve treatment of concussion, said last week he intends to ‘send research questions to FIFA ‘imminently’.

But more than a year after FA chairman Greg Dyke apologised for his organisation’s failure to deliver long-term research into head injuries and dementia, while promising to fund it in the future, Dawn Astle says the wheels are turning far too slowly again.‘We’ve met the FA and Professional Footballers’ Association twice,’ she told The Mail on Sunday.

They said at the time [late 2014] they were going to be sending a series of questions to FIFA. At the time FIFA were in the midst of the corruption scandal. When they said it, we asked them “Are you serious?” Do they seriously want that organisation [FIFA] to drive forward and lead what could be the most important piece of research the game of football has ever known?

World Cup winner Nobby Stiles has also been diagnosed, with some believing the heavy balls played a part‘Yet when the story about the 1966 team came out, Dr Beasley said there were a series of questions which would be sent “imminently”. My first thought was “Why has it taken you 16 months?”‘My overriding emotion is one of utter disappointment. To me that is completely unacceptable.