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Health > Diet & Weight LossEnjoy Amazing Health Benefits beyond Weight Loss with Obesity Surgery in Delhi
Posted by drmohitjain in Health on March 23rd Quincy Wilson Womens Jersey , 2017

Obesity in simple words is called as having too much body fat. This problem is faced by people of all age groups. This condition occurs when a person eats more calories than heshe utilize. This results in increase in weight greater than what is considered healthy for himher. There are many ways to reduce weight such as having good eating habits, exercise etc. Sometimes these alternatives are not able to achieve the desired results. Obesity surgery in Delhi thus emerges out as a last resort when all other attempts to weight loss have failed.

Obesity surgery offers rapid weight loss. Apart from this benefit it also offers many more advantages to the patients.

Long term diminution for type-2 diabetes – This type of surgery is very beneficial in controlling type-2 diabetes. It is a highly effective way that allows patients to remain free from insulin and adjunct medicines.Improvement in cardiovascular health – Weight loss surgery decreases a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure and cholesterol levels return to normal which improves overall well-being of a person.Great relief in depression – Due to poor body image many people feel depressed. This problem is also eliminated after having a weight loss surgery. Reduced weight improves the emotional health of a person.Elimination of sleep apnea – Achieving a normal body weight helps a person get complete relief from the problem of sleep apnea.Relief from joint pains – Carrying excessive weight of body usually puts greater stress ion different joint parts in a body. The sustained weight loss attained after the surgery relieves pain in the joints and allows people to enjoy more mobility.Improvement in fertility –This surgery also helps in improving fertility during childbearing years.Alleviation from several other medical conditions – This type of surgery is capable in alleviating metabolic syndrome, gall bladder diseases Malik Hooker Womens Jersey , pregnancy complications etc.
Obesity surgery in Delhiacts as a powerful tool for providing sustained relief to overweight people. However, it is only a part of a solution for unwanted weight gain. This surgery cannot control the type of food a person eat, how much they eat and how much they exercise. All these factors depend on the person. Following a proper diet and doing regular exercise is a great way to gain maximum profits and to enjoy a healthy life after the surgery.

This is indeed an exciting time for all of us to live a healthier life and obesity surgery is truly a great approach to make it a reality for obese people.

Knocked off his board by an attacking shark Braden Smith Womens Jersey , three-time world champion Mick Fanning punched the creature before escaping unharmed during the televised finals of a world surfing competition in South Africa on Sunday.

Mick Fanning punched an attacking shark before escaping unharmed during the televised finals of a world surfing competition in South Africa Mick Fanning punched an attacking shark before escaping unharmed during the televised finals of a world surfing competition in South Africa Mick Fanning punched an attacking shark before escaping unharmed during the televised finals of a world surfing competition in South Africa

The Australian surfer was struck by the shark from behind and knocked into the water as he sat on his board waiting his turn during the JBay Open in Jeffrey's Bay in the Eastern Cape Province.

As he scans the water, two fins appear and with a splash he disappears under the surface. He is next seen furiously trying to swim to safety before a rescuer pulls him out of the water.

"A big sigh of relief seeing Fanning in one piece," a commentator is heard saying Darius Leonard Womens Jersey , on the video of the event posted on the World Surf League website.

"I felt something grab, get stuck in my leg rope and instantly jump away. And it just kept coming at my board," Fanning said Quenton Nelson Womens Jersey , once safe on the rescue boat.

Fanning said at first he swam away but then decided to defend himself and turned to punch the shark in the back.

"I saw it taking my board away and I just started cracking it," he told a crowd that gathered around him once he was back on shore, referring to how he struck the shark.

"I'm totally fine. I've got nothing wrong with me T.Y. Hilton Womens Jersey ," Fanning said in an interview. "There's a small depression in my board and my leg wrap (was) bitten. I'm just totally tripping out. To walk away from that, I'm just so stoked. Oh man."

Fanning's mother, Elizabeth Osborne Andrew Luck Womens Jersey , who watched the incident live on television in Australia, wept as she told Australian Broadcasting Corp. radio the attack was "the worst thing I've ever seen happen to any of my family because it was just there in front of me."

Osborne said she believes Fanning's brother Sean, who died in a car accident 17 years ago Authentic T.J. Green Jersey , was watching over his sibling.

The World Surf League cancelled the remainder of the event and Fanning will split the prize money with fellow Australian surfer Julian Wilson, who was also in the water when the attack happened. The two will share second place.

"We are incredibly grateful that no one was seriously injured today," the league said in a statement. "Mick's composure and quick acting in the face of a terrifying situation was nothing short of heroic."

Commentator Ross Williams said there are occasionally shark sightings in and around events but an actual attack was very unusual.

"For it to happen in that fashion during the finals Authentic Marlon Mack Jersey , where it actually showed that crazy aggression toward Mick Fanning, such a crazy thing," h. Wholesale Jerseys China   Wholesale Authentic Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap   Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap   Wholesale NBA Jerseys China   Wholesale College Hockey Jerseys   Cheap Nike NBA Jerseys   Wholesale Jerseys   Cheap Authentic Jerseys   Cheap Kids Jerseys