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The ashes of legendary Mexican singer Juan Gabriel arrived in Ciudad Juarez Saturday from the US [url=]William Carvalho Portugal Jersey[/url] , where he lived and died last week at the age of 66.

Tens of thousands of people gathered on the Mexican side of the border city - where the ashes were delivered to his house on 16 de Septiembre avenue - and sang one of his emblematic songs that includes the lyrics: "So I'm still in the usual place, in the same city and with the same people."

Authorities estimated more than 40,000 people attended the commemoration.

In Mexico City opposite the Palacio de las Bellas Artes followers have improvised a memorial.

The singer, known as the "Divo of Juarez," died of a heart attack last Sunday at his home in Santa Monica [url=]Vieirinha Portugal Jersey[/url] , California during a break in his latest tour.

One of the most important composers and singers of the Spanish-speaking world, Gabriel wrote some 1,800 songs, all registered under his given name Alberto Aguilera Valadez.

An old-school idol some liken to Mexico's Elvis Presley, he was a balladeer and a movie star who held on through decades of artistry. He had a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame [url=]Rui Patricio Portugal Jersey[/url] , and was still on the list of music industry high-earners thanks to his touring.


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Upgrading the general convenience and luxury of one’s vehicle you start with a great set of dodge step bars ought to be your priority. Running boards are bent metal tubes which can be sealed from the elements with a chrome, polished stainless steel or black powder coating. They are made from aluminum or stainless-steel. They are made to bridge the space involving the pavement as well as the cab. Additionally, the traded pads also help channel water from the stepping area. The non-slip the surface of truck steps is important for that safety of anyone stepping interior and exterior the vehicle.

Running boards are designed for supporting up to 500 pounds of distributed weight. This is very helpful when you’re trying to load something heavy behind your pickup truck. With chevy truck running pads [url=]Ricardo Quaresma Portugal Jersey[/url] , you could expect lasting durability and ensured strength.

Besides convenience, jeep nerf bars protect the body-line from damage inflicted by shopping carts, carelessly-flung car doors or miscalculated parking width. You can pick one which extends from wheel to wheel within the entire width of the pickup truck acting as a barricade that will easily prevent dents and paint transfer.

Different kinds of nerf bars for jeeps are custom-manufactured specifically to match the help make, model and year of your ride. The running board kit is sold with complete mounting-hardware which may be attached straight to the pre-existing mounting position with the vehicle with a straightforward, no-drill installation.

Running boards is among the practical add-on to some vehicle. With its sides protected [url=]Ricardo Carvalho Portugal Jersey[/url] , you’ll be able to preserve the look and resale worth of your vehicle. With the best brand, right fit and right installation, running boards lasts using your truck’s lifetime too.

Have a look at truck running boards and make use of the benefits mentioned previously. The simplest way to get this done is to do some searching online. With the proper keyword, you will for sure look for a brand which made with top quality materials fitted to each curve, line and contour of the ride. Browse with the websites to have ideas from testimonies of long-time users. This will allow you to pick the right available running board available in the market today.

Want to find out more about ford running boards [url=]Renato Sanches Portugal Jersey[/url] , then visit runningboardworld’s site on how to choose the best nerf bars for jeeps for your needs.

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The US Senate on Tuesday confirmed former investment banker Jerome Powell as head of the Federal Reserve, putting President Donald Trump's pick in a role of enormous influence in the world's largest economy.

  Current Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen (left) and Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell (right), Yellen's successor.

Powell, a current Fed governor, was confirmed by a vote of 85-12 [url=]Raphael Guerreiro Portugal Jersey[/url] , paving the way for him to replace current Chair Janet Yellen when she steps down next month.

In choosing to replace Yellen, Trump dismantled another piece of his predecessor Barack Obama's legacy, making Trump the first US president in nearly 40 years not to reappoint the incumbent Fed chair.

Analysts say Powell's appointment offered Trump the chance both to remove an Obama appointee, while also signaling to markets that he favoured continuity with the slow and deliberate rate increases that had won Yellen plaudits at the end of her term.

In addition to being a Democrat and the first female chief of the US central bank, Yellen was also a defender of the regulations enacted following the financial crisis - putting her at odds with the current White House's deregulation agenda.

Powell [url=]Rafa Silva Portugal Jersey[/url] , 64, had already been through the Senate confirmation process before becoming a Fed governor in 2012. Since then, he has never dissented from any of the central bank's monetary decisions.

During a drawn out search process, Powell emerged as a centrist, consensus candidate - a Republican unlikely to raise rates too quickly but amenable to loosening financial regulations in ways long sought by Wall Street.

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