Named Cars that are not Afraid of Running for 300,000 KM

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Named Cars that are not Afraid of Running for 300,000 KM

Reliability of a car is a relative concept, and to evaluate it, you can basically only at a "distance", having traveled without breakage a couple of hundred thousand kilometers. After conducting their research, iSeeCars experts named cars that easily travel over 300,000 km.

 The title of the most durable as a result was the Toyota Land Cruiser SUV - 15.7% of the studied cars of this model drove over 320,000 km. Toyota Sequoia alishan71(.)com/read-blog/307_owner-of-a-nissan-pickup-truck-presented-a-new-car-with-a-millionth-mileage.html, which was able to cover the distance of 300,000 km in only 9.2% of cases, was practically in second position. The third line went to Ford Expedition - in his case, after 300 thousand kilometers “on the go”, only 5.2% of the tested cars remained.

  Further in the ranking are the Chevrolet Suburban and the hybrid Toyota Highlander, which after 300,000 km remained on the go in 4.9% and 4.2% of cases, respectively.

 In the "top ten" of the most "persistent" cars in the USA were also: Chevrolet Tahoe (4.1%), GMC Yukon XL (4.1%), Toyota 4Runner (3.9%), GMC Yukon (3.2%) and Honda Ridgeline (3%).

 It should be emphasized that on average more than 300,000 km only 1% of cars leave.

DS brand unveils prototype Aero Sport Lounge design

The luxury sub-brand Citroen - DS - revealed the design of the Aero Sport Lounge concept model, which will be shown at the Geneva auto show on March 3. The novelty is an electric crossover with a coupe-shaped body, a 680-horsepower unit from a Formula E car and unusual materials in the cabin.

 The length of the cross is 5 meters, and the sloping roof is not so much a tribute to modern trends, but an element thought out from the point of view of aerodynamics. In front is a false radiator grille of complex shape, which is needed for the redistribution of air flows. The show car carzaamin(.)com/blog/honda-city-for-sale-in-lahore-pakistan/ is also equipped with 23-inch wheels.

  The interior is finished with woven 3-component microfibre and a straw marketer from Lison de Caunes atelier, which uses 17th-century technology for processing.

 Information about the trip is displayed using the projection on the windshield, and functions can be controlled both using gestures and voice, interacting with the Iris virtual assistant.

 The power unit of the Aero Sport Lounge is based on the technologies used on the DS Techeetah race car, which is participating in Formula E races. The prototype is equipped with a 680-horsepower electric motor powered by a 110 kW / h battery. On a single charge, the cross can cover a distance of 650 km. Until the first “hundred”, the concept accelerates in 2.8 seconds.

 The manufacturer Aero Sport Lounge calls the "prelude to the next creations." That is, the conceptual model is designed to show the further development of the DS range as a whole and electric cars as well.