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Suzy Bauer is the bestselling author

A threesome is considered by many the "holy grail" of sexual fantasies. Most people consider it almost impossible to attain. By experience I can tell you [url=]Anthony Barr Color Rush Jersey[/url] , all these people are wrong. Having a threesome is relatively easy, as long as you know what you're doing!

However, having said that I have to "tell-it-as-it-is" from the beginning:

Having a threesome will always be easier if you already have a committed partner!Now, I'm not saying that if you're single you'll not be able to enjoy this heavenly pleasure! It will take a bit more effort, that's all!

There's 3 elements that will play a big role on your quest of having a threesome:

1) Stability

Most couples I know who enjoy threesome sex are in a stable relationship. Meaning [url=]Everson Griffen Color Rush Jersey[/url] , both partners are happy with one another, trust one another and respect one another. If deep down you're not happy in your relationship, a threesome is not going to fix it. If anything, it could end the relationship altogether!

If you're not happy, you need to fix your troubles first. Don't ever get involved in a threesome to win back your lover! Do it only because it's something that you really want to do.

Realize that for some couples [url=]Kyle Rudolph Color Rush Jersey[/url] , this is a big step and once you take it, there's no going back, which is why you should do it for yourself. There's no placing blame and getting upset about your partner going through with it later. In other words make sure EVERYTHING in your relationship is in order before bringing a second woman into your bedroom.

2) Communication

Communication is a MUST when including another person into your sexual play. Of course the communication is important when revealing this fantasy or idea with your lover, but it's also important in planning and preparing for the big event.

Now, I'm not just talking boundaries [url=]Linval Joseph Color Rush Jersey[/url] , I'm talking about honest open, emotional communication with your lover. If you have any fears, let himher know. Karl (my hubby) is really understanding and loving and told me that in the entire world there was nobody better looking and that I had nothing to worry about.

During our first threesome with "our girlfriend" he was always making sure I felt loved and cared and he showed me how important I was for him and that behavior made the "fear" turn into excitement and now the three of us often get together for hot steamy nights.

So, no matter how experienced or open minded you are. Once in a while feelings of uncertainty or awkwardness will arise and you'll need to be able to communicate them to your partner with out any fear.

3) Self Respect

Most of us have negative issues about ourselves, be it body issues [url=]Kirk Cousins Color Rush Jersey[/url] , income issues, social issues, etc. We all have them and we all have to deal with them, but make sure that those issues don't affect your self respect, especially if you're planning on having a threesome with your partner. I put self respect in its own category because you and only you are responsible for how you see yourself in this situation. Yes [url=]Adam Thielen Color Rush Jersey[/url] , it's important that your partner respects you, but if you don't respect yourself, I think your perception that night may be a little skewed.

Please remember, even though your partner may be enjoying the difference, it may only be the novelty of it [url=]Stefon Diggs Color Rush Jersey[/url] , but deep down your partner loves you andor cares about you. Be happy that he or she can enjoy something else than the usual. A little variety is always good! At the end of the day, the size of your dick or the size of you tits doesn't define who you are as a person or partner.

Remember: Paying too much attention to those body issues will affect your performance and the pleasure of your experience and unfortunately for you, that's not your partner's problem. They're problems you created on your own. So take care of your own issues, so you can be confident and enjoy the ride!

Suzy Bauer
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Suzy Bauer is the bestselling author of Threesome Sex Books.
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