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Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) is welcomed by Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago Kamla Persad-Bissessar before their talks in Port of Spain [url=http://www.cheapwomensairmax.com/]Cheap Air Max 90 Online[/url] , Trinidad and Tobago, June 1, 2013. (XinhuaDing Lin)
Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks here Saturday with Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar of Trinidad and Tobago and pledged to advance bilateral friendly cooperation.

Calling Trinidad and Tobago one of China's most important cooperation partners in the Caribbean, Xi said the two peoples enjoy a time-honored friendship and bilateral cooperation has great potential.

As the two nations prepare to mark the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties next year, China is ready to join hands with the Caribbean nation to further boost bilateral relations, he said.

To that end, Xi made a four-point proposal.

First [url=http://www.cheapwomensairmax.com/]Cheap Air Max Online[/url] , the two sides should enhance exchanges of high-level visits and communication between government agencies, legislatures and political parties of the two sides.

The two countries' foreign ministries, he suggested, should consult with each other from time to time so as to promote mutual understanding and trust.

The second is to actively expand cooperation in such sectors as infrastructure construction, energy and mining, while exploring new cooperation opportunities in areas such as agriculture, fishing [url=http://www.cheapwomensairmax.com/]Cheap Nike Air Max TN Outlet[/url] , science and technology, investment and financing, telecommunications and new energy.

Third, they should enhance people-to-people exchanges, especially those in tourism, culture, education and training [url=http://www.cheapwomensairmax.com/]Cheap Nike Air Max 95 Outlet[/url] , health care, sports and media.

The two sides, he added, should also rev up youth exchanges, set up a Confucius Institute in Trinidad and Tobago at an early date, and carry out next year's celebrations smoothly, so as to cement mutual understanding and friendship.

The fourth is to strengthen coordination on international affairs. Xi said China fully understands the special situation and concerns of small island countries on the issue of climate change [url=http://www.cheapwomensairmax.com/]Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Outlet[/url] , and has always been supportive of their appropriate demands in climate change talks.

China, he said, will actively consider providing energy-saving products for relevant Caribbean countries, so as to help them enhance their abilities to adapt to and cope with climate change.

For her part, Bissessar said the Chinese people first arrived in Trinidad and Tobago more than two centuries ago, and have now become an integral part of local society.

Noting that her country is pursuing a strategy of economic diversification, she said Trinidad and Tobago is willing to bolster exchanges with China [url=http://www.cheapwomensairmax.com/]Cheap Nike Air Max Outlet[/url] , advance bilateral cooperation in various areas, and attract more Chinese investments.

She said her country is also willing to promote people-to-people exchanges with China and enhance cooperation in language training and health care.

Trinidad and Tobago, she added, welcomes Chinese tourists and hopes that a Caribbean music festival will be held every year in China.

Trinidad and Tobago is ready to cooperate with China on major world issues and jointly meet global challenges, she said.

The prime minister also thanked China for its sustained support for her country's economic and social development, citing a series of infrastructure projects.

Describing Xi's visit as "historic," she said the trip will help steer the bilateral ties toward greater progress.

Following their talks [url=http://www.cheapwomensairmax.com/]Cheap Air Max TN Outlet[/url] , the two leaders witnessed the signing of some cooperation agreements between the two sides.

Trinidad and Tobago is the first leg of Xi's ongoing Latin America tour, which will also take him to Costa Rica and Mexico.

Disabled people compete in the 4km "Wheelchair Marathon" in Kathmandu, Nepal, March 4, 2017. The marathon was organized to motivate the disabled people and encourage them to live in society. (XinhuaSunil Sharma)

NEW YORK, Jan. 8 (Xinhua) -- The man who shot and seriously wounded a police officer in Philadelphia overnight said he carried out the attack in the name of the extremist group Islamic State group, police said Friday.

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) -- Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) in the U.S. Pacific Northwest and the University of Edinburgh in the United Kingdom have used data from the European Space Agency's CryoSat-2 satellite to identify a sudden drainage of large pools below Thwaites Glacier.

Thwaites Glacier on the edge of West Antarctica as part of the larger West Antarctic Ice Sheet, already one of the planet's fastest-moving glaciers, is sliding unstoppably into the ocean [url=http://www.cheapwomensairmax.com/]Cheap Air Max 95 Outlet[/url] , mainly due to warmer seawater lapping at its underside, speeding up by about 10 percent from June 2013 and January 2014.

In a study published in The Cryosphere, the researchers report finding four interconnected lakes drained during the eight-month period.

"This was a big event, and it confirms that the long-term speed-up that we're observing for this glacier is probably driven by other factors, most likely in the ocean," said corresponding author Ben Smith, a glaciologist with the UW's Applied Physics Laboratory. "The water flow at the bed is probably not controlling the speed."

The authors used a new technique to discover drops at the glacier's surface of up to 70 feet [url=http://www.cheapwomensairmax.com/]Cheap Air Max 90 Outlet[/url] , or 20 meters, over a 20 kilometer by 40 kilometer area. Calculations show it was likely due to the emptying of four interconnected lakes far below. The peak drainage rate was about 8,500 cubic feet, or 240 cubic meters, per second, the largest meltwater outflow yet reported for subglacial lakes in this region.

"This lake drainage is the biggest water movement that you would expect to see in this area, and it didn't change the glacier's speed by that much [url=http://www.cheapwomensairmax.com/]Cheap Air Max Outlet[/url] ," Smith was quoted as saying in a news release. The reason is likely that Thwaites Glacier is moving quic.