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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 12 (Xinhua) -- Russia rallied past France 45-41 in a thrilling men's foil team final to win the country's fifth Olympic gold medal in Rio on Friday.

France, which overwhelmed defending champion Italy 45-30 in the semifinal, led 25-16 after five rounds. Russia stormed back with Alexey Cheremisinov cutting the deficit to 25-30 in the sixth round before Artur Akhumatkhuzin outscored Jean-Paul Tony Helissey 10-3 to come 40-38 up in the eighth.

Cheremisinov beat Erwan Le Pechoux 5-3 to seal the third fencing gold for Russia here, which claimed its second Olympic title in the men's team foil since Atlanta 1996.

"We believed in our victory. Until the last touch has been made, you have not yet lost," said Akhumatkhuzin. "The experience of previous years in similar situations played a role. This is sport, it can happen. There were examples when we won and when others caught up."

France still shares the record with Italy for the most gold medals in the men's foil team event with seven each.

"I think we can be happy for this final and for this day because we fenced well in the quarterfinal and the semifinal, and Russia's a very strong team," said Le Pechoux.

The United States claimed the bronze by beating Italy 45-31, earning its first medal in the men's team foil since 1932.


NAIROBI [url=]Hydro Flask Coffee 16 Oz Coffee Lava Red Clearance[/url] , Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- Kenya has called for an increase of funds towards science and technology development in Africa.

With additional funding and good strategies, the governments stand to streamline the continent's development agenda, said Moses Rugut, the Director General of the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation in the Ministry of Education.

""Africa requires a renewed funding commitment to help finance research and development in the countries,"" Rugut said this on Wednesday evening in Nairobi.

He said that countries that have allocated additional funding towards science like South Africa are currently making progress in all sectors of the economy.

Rugut called for internal funding mechanism as opposed to external support adding that science and technology are key drivers to development globally.

The official noted that technology such as biotechnology is transforming business practices across the globe and Africa also needs to tap from it.

""These technologies have the power to better the lives of poor people in Africa through internal development breakthroughs,"" he added.

He said that continent stand to benefit from technological and scientific revolutions once strategies are in place to help guide the development in agriculture, education, infrastructure and health.

Rugut said the continent is likely to achieve its global development goals once a sustainable development plan that includes technological development and technology transfer is adopted.

""Today's technological revolutions such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and telecommunication are successful because the countries that developed them have proper strategic funding plans,"" he added.

He noted that once the government increases funding for science, they will realize sustained economic growth given that the continent is endowed with abundant natural resources.

Margaret Karembu, the Africa Director of the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-biotech Applications (ISAAA) called on agriculture scientists to engage populations while working on a new innovation to help ensure fast adaption.

""For the public to accept and appreciate efforts going into improving food crops, we must fully engage them from the beginning from using terms that might increase fear and anxiety and begin using those that build trust and confidence,"" Karembu said.

Xi meets Singaporean PM on advancing ties

Rescue teams work to find survivors as Mexico quake toll reaches 230

In pics: general debate of UN General Assembly on day 2

Highlights of 10th China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards

Highlights of 10th China Acrobatics Golden Chrysanthemum Awards

Wildlife paradise: Changtang National Nature Reserve in China's Tibet

PLA Navy frigates introduced to visitors at Port of Antwerp, Belgium

Aviation Expo China 2017 held in Beijing

" (Xinhua file photo)

BEIJING, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- China's consumer price index (CPI), a main gauge of inflation, is expected to pick up in August, with food prices likely to increase.

The official August CPI, scheduled to be released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) on Sept. 9, is expected to grow between 1.5 to 1.7 percent year on year, according to Tang Jianwei, chief economist with the Bank of Communications.

NBS data showed that the CPI rose 1.4 percent year on year in July, slightly down from June's 1.5 percent.

The CPI increased 1.4 percent in the first seven months of the year. The government aims to keep consumer inflation at around 3 percent this year.

"A rise in food prices in August may push up CPI growth, as food prices account for nearly one-third of the CPI," said Tang.

Food prices are predicted to have increased by 1.4 percentage points from July, affected by extreme weather during August, he said.

Data from the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) showed that prices of eggs and pork had been rising for four straight weeks in August due to high temperatures and heavy rain this summer.

From August 21 to August 27 in particular, egg and pork prices edged up 3.5 percent and 0.6 percent from the previous week, respectively, while the average price of 30 different vegetables gained 1.1 percent.

Egg prices had been propped up by huge demand ahead of the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, and short supply, said Zhang Wenping, an industry analyst.

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