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CLICK HERE: Watch True Blood Season 4 Episode 11 Full Stream Online Soul of Fire
True Blood’s fourth season is winding down. Only two more episodes until the months are finished. The show has already been renewed for a fifth season [url=http://www.nflteamraidersshop.com/kolton-miller-jersey/]Kolton Miller Raiders Jersey[/url] , however, and can return again next summer.

In the meantime, the most recent episode of True Blood saw a continuation from the vampirewitch war, although each side experienced several changes. After Eric attacked Bill while under Marnie’s spell, Sookie managed to revealed some energy that broke the spell and caused him to regain his memory, meaning Pam is thrilled her maker is whole once more. But there’s lots of conflict between Bill and Nan regarding how to handle the witch threat [url=http://www.nflteamraidersshop.com/derek-carr-jersey/]Derek Carr Raiders Jersey[/url] , with Bill firmly about the “blow in the Moongoddess Emporium and kill everyone – including Marnie – inside” side.

Meanwhile, after losing charge of Eric, Marnie returned to the store, where Tara and also the other members of the coven were still trapped. When Antonia expressed doubt about continuing on the current path (because of the human blood spilled throughout the most recent attack), Marnie convinced her that they could accomplish their goal and kill the vampires. Jason partnered with Sookie, Lafayette and Jesus to rescue those within the store before Bill could bomb it. But everything went to hell when Tara and Holly managed to escape the store [url=http://www.nflteamraidersshop.com/mario-edwards-jr-jersey/]Mario Edwards Jr Authentic Jersey[/url] , simply to possess the two women, together with Sookie, Jesus, Lafayette and Marnie herself disappear during a force field, leaving Jason alone on the street.

Tommy, unfortunately [url=http://www.nflteamraidersshop.com/karl-joseph-jersey/]Karl Joseph Authentic Jersey[/url] , didn’t survive the beating by Marcus and the pack members. Alcide had tried to get him to a hospital, however the two met track of Sam along the way and Tommy asked his brother to let him die. Now Sam’s on the rampage to dole out justice to Marcus.

The episode ended with Bill, Eric, Jessica and Pam ready to blow the Moongoddess Emporium to kingdom come.

In the September 4 episode of True Blood, Sookie once against summons her faerie powers to be able to stop Marnie from bewitching Eric, Bill [url=http://www.nflteamraidersshop.com/david-sharpe-jersey/]David Sharpe Authentic Jersey[/url] , and Pam into destruction. Jesus casts their own spell to un-bind Antonia from Marie. Sam will finally face Marcus while Alcide confronts Debbie about her allegiances.

Below is a promo for that September 4 episode of True Blood.

There’s two episodes left of True Blood Season 4 and given how last night’s episode ended, it appears just like a war could be starting and Sookie & Friends are caught in the actual middle of it. Up ahead, watch the preview video for next Sunday night’s episode, as well as the “Inside the Episode” video for “Burning On the House.”

Series creator Alan Ball is featured within the video below, talking about some of the highlights from last night’s episode, including the departure of Emo-Eric (yay!). Ball and episode director Lesli Linka Glatter both discuss Marnie’s mindset and her place in what’s going on with Antonia and the vampires. They also discuss Marnie’s protection spell and what it really does to people once they attempt to cross it. Including Jesus’ reaction to the spell and his demon-face.

Festival of Tolerance has been in great bloodshed but thanks to Sookie who breaks the spell which was casts on Eric together with her special powers. Well [url=http://www.nflteamraidersshop.com/eddie-vanderdoes-jersey/]Eddie Vanderdoes Authentic Jersey[/url] , the final week episode of True Blood is full of surprises and bloody encounters. We bid farewell to Tommy who had died due to his severe injuries while Sam goes hunting for Marcus together with his friends for revenge. Specifically, many exciting events had takes place about the previous episode like the intention of King Bill to slay Marnie at the Moon Goddess Emporium when he launched a vampires attack. However the torch of bloodlust with the ultimate supernatural war had started and today it’s getting higher towards the intense level. Well, with the entire characters having their dangerous situation respectively must confess for their weakness and face the staggering jeopardy ahead in order for these phones survive. For me, probably the most astounding scene of the last week episode is that, when Jesus, Lafayette [url=http://www.nflteamraidersshop.com/obi-melifonwu-jersey/]Obi Melifonwu Authentic Jersey[/url] , Jason and Sookie were about the standing outside of Marnie’s headquarters and Sookie used her capacity to snoop on Marnie inside. But the villain were built with a strong senses and she or he casts a spell which protects her entire headquarters so the enemy can’t get enter onto it. However, Jesus penetrates on to it and get an opportunity to reach Marnie’s group of friends, and that he found out the Marnie herself, is the real danger and that he instantly transfer his thoughts into Sookie. However, Holly and Tara tried to avoid Marnie but they’re caught and also the latter casts a spell in it that made them disappear on flame. Jason remained alone outside before it, he’d glamour Jessica to forget exactly what they had so that he won’t get hurt Hoyt. Meanwhile Marnie designed a conversation with Antonia and they both wanted to kill the vampires [url=http://www.nflteamraidersshop.com/gareon-conley-jersey/]Gareon Conley Authentic Jersey[/url] , it appears as though Marnie found anyone to empower her plan. And Marcus were getting closer with Debbie, so how about Alcide, what’s next on him? And prior to the previous episode had left us, it shows up the characters of Bill, Eric, Jessica and Pam marching to the Moon Goddess Emporium aspires to kill Marnie.

Well [url=http://www.nflteamraidersshop.com/p-j-hall-jersey/]P.J. Hall Authentic Jersey[/url] , with this particular brand new episode, coming this Sunday night is another astonishing prolongation from the story. And to watch True Blood Season 4 Episode 11: Soul of Fire is really an excellent thing to witness it. This can be a must watch episode especially when you’re a certified trubies. Were getting near to the season finale and I, myself can seem to be the staggering intensity that filled the cli

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