ended in the summer of 2009 was the worst since t

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ended in the summer of 2009 was the worst since t

Egypt has deployed a submarine to hunt for the black box flight recorders of the EgyptAir plane that crashed in some of the deepest waters of the Mediterranean Sea with 66 people on board [url=http://www.wholesalejerseysnbachina.com/content/194-wholesale-miami-heat-jerseys]Wholesale Miami Heat Hats[/url] , President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said yesterday.

Ships scouring the sea north of Alexandria for three days have found body parts, personal belongings and wreckage from the Airbus 320, but are still trying to locate the recorders which could shed light on the cause of last Thursday’s crash.

Sisi said that underwater equipment from Egypt’s offshore oil industry was being brought in to help the search.

“They have a submarine that can reach 3,000 meters under water,” he said in a televised speech. “It moved today in the direction of the plane crash site because we are working hard to salvage the black boxes.”

On Saturday [url=http://www.wholesalejerseysnbachina.com/content/193-wholesale-memphis-grizzlies-jerseys]Wholesale Memphis Grizzlies Hats[/url] , French investigators said the plane sent a series of warnings indicating that smoke had been detected on board shortly before it disappeared from radar screens.

The signals did not indicate what caused the smoke or fire, and aviation experts have not ruled out either deliberate sabotage or a technical fault, but they offered early clues as to what unfolded in the moments before the crash.

“Until now all scenarios are possible,” Sisi said. “So please, it is very important that we do not talk and say there is a specific scenario.”

The crash was the third blow since October to hit Egypt’s travel industry [url=http://www.wholesalejerseysnbachina.com/content/192-wholesale-los-angeles-lakers-jerseys]Wholesale Los Angeles Lakers Hats[/url] , still reeling from political unrest following the 2011 uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak.

A suspected Islamic State bombing brought down a Russian airliner after it took off from Sharm al-Sheikh airport in late October, killing all 224 people on board, and an EgyptAir plane was hijacked in March by a man wearing a fake suicide belt.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Sharm al-Sheikh bombing within hours but a purported statement from the group’s spokesman, distributed on Saturday, made no mention of the crash.

EgyptAir has told relatives of the victims [url=http://www.wholesalejerseysnbachina.com/content/191-wholesale-los-angeles-clippers-jerseys]Wholesale Los Angeles Clippers Hats[/url] , mainly Egyptian and French nationals, that recovering and identifying bodies from the sea could take weeks.

Samar Ezzedine, 27 years old and newly wed, was one of the cabin crew on flight 804. Her mother Amal has sat in the lobby of a hotel overlooking Cairo Airport, still waiting for her daughter to come back.

“She is missing [url=http://www.wholesalejerseysnbachina.com/content/190-wholesale-indiana-pacers-jerseys]Wholesale Indiana Pacers Hats[/url] , who hosts a funeral for a missing person?” she said.

Samar’s aunt Mona said Amal was reluctant to go home or even move away from the hotel door. “She doesn’t want to believe it... I told her to switch off her phone, but she said: What if Samar calls?”

An EgyptAir union appealed to Sisi to allow death certificates to be issued for the victims, to avoid the usual five-year delay in the case of missing people which leaves relatives in a legal limbo.

Sisi said the investigation would not be over quickly, but promised it would be transparent. “This could take a long time but no one can hide these things. As soon as the results are out people will be informed,” he said.

The aircraft was carrying 56 passengers [url=http://www.wholesalejerseysnbachina.com/content/189-wholesale-houston-rockets-jerseys]Wholesale Houston Rockets Hats[/url] , including a child and two infants, and 10 crew. They included 30 Egyptian and 15 French nationals, along with citizens of 10 other countries.

" No one is immune to an economic recession, especially a protracted one. The economic downturn that ended in the summer of 2009 was the worst since the Great Depression. It lasted for about a year and a half and resulted in the highest unemployment and poverty rates in more than a generation. Even the wealthy stopped spending during the Great Recession. The good news is that sales of luxury items are on the rise again.

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A yacht is a floating piece of real estate that is expensive to enjoy and to maintain. Docking fees alone can cost tens of thousands of dollars each year [url=http://www.wholesalejerseysnbachina.com/content/187-wholesale-detroit-pistons-jerseys]Wholesale Detroit Pistons Hats[/url] , depending on the size of the boat. Not surprisingly, even the über rich stopped buying them when the economy hit the skids. But according to industry insiders, the boat market has rebounded based on the strength of yacht sales.

Sales of boats that were over 80 feet long jumped by more than 10 percent last year! Not to mention the fact that the value of those sales was also up by double digits. What does this tell us? For starters, it is undeniable evidence that the wealthy are willing to spend on big-ticket items once again. This may mean that they have more confidence in the economy, or simply that they didn’t get burned as much as others during the Great Recession. Whatever the reason [url=http://www.wholesalejerseysnbachina.com/content/186-wholesale-denver-nuggets-jerseys]Wholesale Denver Nuggets Hats[/url] , yacht brokers are doing better than they have in a blue moon.

Why now?

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