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Whether your emergency vehicle needs a Led Light Bar  [url=]Womens James van Riemsdyk Jersey[/url] , or you are ordering a large shipment for your team, it’s crucial to find the best LED light bar that will suit your emergency vehicle’s needs.

Advantages of a LED Light Bar Over Conventional Lighting
First of all, LED lights consume far less energy than conventional lighting; when you compare LED lights to incandescent bulbs, they consume up to 90% less power. This can be incredibly important for your emergency vehicle because LED’s use only a fraction of the power [url=]Womens Jack Johnson Jersey[/url] , which means they will only be a fraction of the cost. The money you can save on an LED light fixture over a conventional or incandescent light will be further apparent in the long run because of the extended lifespan of LED light bulbs. LED’s longer lifespan not only comes from their ability to stay brighter for longer, but also because of their durability. LEDs aren’t as fragile as conventional lights (such as fluorescent and incandescent bulbs). They are able to withstand much harsher conditions, and are more resistant to external impacts such as shock and vibrations. This is especially important for emergency vehicles that may face harsher conditions in an emergency situation.

LED lights have other features that make them exceptionally useful for emergency vehicles. First, their light disbursement is intended to focus light [url=]Womens Erik Johnson Jersey[/url] , which allows a piece of equipment like a LED light bar to direct light in a specific location and with more efficiency than conventional lights. LED lights are also more efficient when it comes to instant lighting, they will brighten to full capacity almost instantaneously when they are turned on; this reliability is crucial for emergency vehicles who rely on their lights to work. Emergency vehicles also tend to switch their lights on and off at a more frequent rate than how most light bulbs are used. With conventional light bulbs, which may take longer to fully lighten up, this can reduce their operational lifespan. With LEDs [url=]Womens Dustin Byfuglien Jersey[/url] , not only will it not effect their light emission, but it also won’t negatively impact their lifespan.

The Best LED Light Bars Available
If you are looking to purchase the best LED light bar available, then look no further than Ultra Bright Lightz!

At Ultra Bright Lightz you have your choice of a full size or a mini LED light bar. The LED light bars are perfect for cars or trucks and can be mounted easily to your vehicle’s roof. Our full sized light bars are entirely customizable and will exceed your expectations with their brightness. They can be used from both short and light distances, and you are fully in charge of which colors and degree optics you can choose for every module within the bar; you also have an option for both alley lights and work lights within the bar.

We also provide you with a multitude of mounting options; you can use them for headache rack mounts [url=]Womens Derek Stepan Jersey[/url] , permanent mounts, and gutter mounts. Our 49” light bars are the best for trucks, police cars, plows and tow trucks. If you have been having trouble finding the right LED light bar for an especially large vehicle [url=]Womens David Backes Jersey[/url] , then our 60” light bars will be perfect for you!

Our mini LED light bars can be permanently mounted to your vehicle, but they also can be magnetically mounted for your convenience. Don’t worry; despite being mini, these LED light bars are still incredibly bright. They are the perfect option when you need an LED light bar for a smaller vehicle, but they are still bright enough to be effective on a larger vehicle. Just like with our full sized LED light bars [url=]Womens Cory Schneider Jersey[/url] , they are completely customizable.

At Ultra Bright Lightz, we are proud to be an American company. Within the last decade we have been at the forefront of the industry when it comes to ensuring the best value for emergency lights. Not only do we want to make sure we are offering the brightest and most reliable lighting backed by the industry’s best service, but we strive to help eliminate first responders’ vehicle related deaths by using bright and effective lighting. Do you have any questions about our products or services? Contact us today and we can help you find the best lights available for your emergency vehicles.
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